Blended Learning

Transforming Education

AdvancePath Academics is transforming the learning experience for students and educators across the country. Leveraging 30 years of research and nearly a decade of classroom success, AdvancePath creates a culture of learning - a powerful force for teaching teams and students everywhere. Our award-winning suite of instructional solutions is now available through AdvancePath Advantage™ - options that engage, challenge, and work for students at every level of academic achievement.

Innovators in Blended Learning - Simply Good Schooling

Our learning model builds trust and mutual respect at every step. Team teaching and learning in a flexible Blended Learning environment empowers teachers to meet the students where they are academically and behaviorally. It gives students the foundation and the tools to take ownership of their education. Our classrooms utilize the best of 21st century teaching and learning experiences - with the resources, skills, and real-time data and analytics to immediately see the impact of instructional choices. Informed decisions can be made at every step in the learning process.

Bringing Our Expertise to Your Vision - AdvancePath Advantage™

AdvancePath Advantage™ gives you the benefit of our experiences, tailored to your instructional environment. Together, we assess and create the strategies best-suited for implementation and ongoing development. We work with you to customize the services, tools, training, and Professional Development that build upon your vision.
"I'm making a difference with these students every day. Every day. This is why I became a teacher."
Craig Rollins, Baltimore County Public Schools
AdvancePath Academy Teacher
AdvancePath Advantage™ helps you develop the solutions that work best for your schools, your teachers, and your students. We provide the experience, tools, and training for an effective transition to the 21st century learning experience. Together we create a teacher-centric, student-focused classroom transformation.

The Power of AdvancePath Advantage™

AdvancePath Advantage™ offers a full suite of services that:

Employs smart uses of technology - enriching instruction with online components to provide students with some elements of control over the time, place, pace and/or path of learning
Integrates the learning experience - with instruction matched to academic objectives and to the student's individual learning path and personal goals
Trains for improved learning outcomes - giving teachers the tools to facilitate the learning process and mentor students for successful academic and socio-emotional progression; real-time data and analytics provide the foundation for more personalized, engaged learning
Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D., and Getting Smart CEO Tom Vander Ark explain the power of Blended Learning and AdvancePath Advantage™.
Informed decision-making powers the learning experience, with positive end results of enriched learning and improved outcomes - at the same or lower cost.
The AdvancePath Advantage™ experience is built upon mutual respect, common goals, academic rigor, and an unfailing commitment to high expectations. The AdvancePath Advantage™ suite of services, resources, and training options is based upon an instructional approach that utilizes:
  • Multiple Learning Modalities
  • Individualized Learning Plans
  • Adaptive Curriculum
  • Data and Reporting
  • These combine to inform, empower, and provide the knowledge, instructional support, and means to positive outcomes.

    Everyone Benefits

    "Technology transformed schools are successfully addressing some of the biggest challenges our nation faces."
    Technology transormed schools have:
    • Lower dropout rates
    • Fewer disciplinary actions
    • Improved high stakes test scores
    • Substantial short and long term financial benefits
    Michael Greaves for Project RED

    Rigorous, Engaging, Collaborative, and Transformational.

    Amazing change is happening in education - for you it can start here and now.

    The AdvancePath Advantage™ suite of services can facilitate your vision at any or every step in the process. Our field experts are available to provide initial assessments and feasibility studies, and can coordinate events designed to inform and educate community and staff. They are available for all phases of deployment, operations and programmatic improvements.
    Typically, our clients opt for services, implementation, and training along a three-year continuum:
    • Feasibility Study and Capability Analysis
    • Design of Suitable Blended Learning Implementation Models
    • District Administration Workshop
    • Building-Level Workshop
    • Launch, Ramp-Up, and Support with LMS and Core Curriculum Licenses
    • Oversight, Audits, and Reporting
    • Differentiated Staff Training and PD
    • LMS and Core Curriculum Licenses
    • Oversight, Audits, and Reporting