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Welcome AdvancePath Students!

The path to graduation begins with you.

Students choose to attend an AdvancePath Academy for a variety of reasons. What they find is a positive, goal-oriented, confidence-building experience. Your classroom was designed using research and the experiences of 22,000 experts - students just like you. And here's what they say will help you succeed:

Academic support that works with your educational and life challenges

Your Academy experience starts by assessing where you are academically and together, we determine your individual learning plan. It will be tailored to your style and your life challenges. And, it will be a plan that you take charge of - with the support of a specially trained teaching team, with online and small group learning and one-on-one sessions with your teachers.  

A classroom built for your work pace and learning style

Your AdvancePath Academy is a modern, spacious and comfortable setting - a calm, peaceful, get-to-business environment that really helps you keep on track.  Here you have your own workspace and personal computer. You can organize your day with materials together and the focus you need to get your work done. You are working at your own pace - with the ability to accelerate your learning and recover course credits.   Typically, your class time is a four hour daily session with daytime (morning and afternoon) and in some cases, evening options.  

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